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This site presents in publicly-accessible form the results of an ongoing attempt to compile all known information about Japanese Animation released in the LaserVision Video Disc format. The utility of such a project arises from the uncertainty about the programme contents, the language format, the commonness or rarity, and the other salient characteristics of various discs, which strikes the collector [and particularly the prospective buyer] owing to contradictions among or lack of information in the few available reference works, and even the occasional erroneous disc jacket. Hopefully, by collating only information gathered directly by disc owners from their own collections, this archive will avoid the pitfalls outlined above.

The part the LaserDisc played in the development of the anime hobby, and the remarkable way it became not just an integral part of that hobby, but a sort of badge or symbol, appear to me unique. It is my intention that this site provide, in addition to its more prosaic goals, a record of the anime LD phenomenon, and a centrepiece for an ongoing conversation among remaining anime LD enthusiasts and with the interested world at large.

Data Tables Version 1.2, last updated 2012-219.