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Sources of Information

All the information presented here has been collected by the several contributors, including myself, through direct observation of anime LaserDiscs which they have encountered. None of it is taken from or relies upon other resources, such as the LaserDisc Database or various printed catalogues which have appeared over time. All of the information provided by contributors other than myself has been submitted by direct correspondence and appears by their express permission.

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The information presented at this site has been entirely collected, verified, assembled, collated, compared, arranged, and formatted by me. The structure and formatting rely upon, and exist within the limitations of, industry-standard file structures and data formats, including ASCII text, HTML 4.01, and CSS, but to the extent such considerations allow it is my work. I gratefully acknowledge the responses and suggestions provided by various individuals, including the members of the Yahoo! Group "animelaserdiscs", who have encouraged and criticised my work but are not responsible for it.

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Disclaimer of Liability

As the purpose of this site is entirely to inform and educate the public, and I have no reason to believe that anything in it violates any law or any person's legal rights, or that it produces necessarily or incidentally any injury to any person; and considering the variety of factors inherent in Internet communication which are necessarily or in practice beyond my control; it is my position that I cannot accept any representation of liability or claim for damages, from or on behalf of any person whatsoever, arising or represented to arise from the existence of this site or its use by myself, the complainant, or any other person.

The artwork presented on this site is treated separately.

Site Policy

I believe strongly in the free interchange of information. I consider, however, that it is both reasonable and just for me to set limitations on the use of information which is being provided, by me and by the other contributors, without remuneration and without expectation of gain.

Expected Uses

Anyone, without limitation, may view this site for his own personal information and edification. Anyone, without limitation, may retain information here presented, in whatever form he finds suitable, for his own personal information and edification. Anyone, without limitation, may use the information here presented in the context of research, study, or preparation for an educational or scholarly purpose, so long as an appropriate citation of the source of the information used is made in any final product (e.g. a paper or presentation); I would appreciate a copy of any such product.

Restricted Uses

Contributors may present, without limitation, the information collected on this site, in the context other of non-commercial, publicly accessible electronic resources, belonging to them or to others, without attribution. Non-contributors should limit themselves to single facts or brief direct quotes attributed by citation; if the circumstances seem to call for quotations in extenso, they should instead link to the relevant area or areas of this site.

Interdicted Uses

Use of the formatting and structure of this site, except to the extent that contributors may reproduce them in the course of presenting information here collected, is forbidden except with my express permission. The same applies, a fortiori, to the introductory and descriptive matter of the site, including this Notice and Policy.

Republication of the information here presented by anyone, including contributors, in any resource offered for sale or hire, including books and other printed matter as well as electronic resources, of public or of restricted accessibility, for the use of which a fee is charged, is forbidden without my express permission.

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