LDUSRVD4	Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still Volume 3, Episode 3 "Magnetic Web Strategy... The Fall of Shanghai".
		Hikari Productions/Amuse Video/Plex/Atlantis, 1994. English Version: L.A. Hero.
		L.A. Hero/Pioneer LCDA, 1994. UPC 0 13023-3903-6 2. Black label.
		40 min: CLV/1. Chapters, TOC. English Closed Captions.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo Japanese. Digital: Stereo English.
		Made in USA by Pioneer.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	53-841A1-01		H1020666, H1020464
		Dead:	07-400B8-32		G0313786, H1014436

Package Details

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Introduction Credits
  2. Episode 3: Magnetic Web Strategy
  3. End Credits
  4. Next Episode Preview (Narration)

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