BEAL-657	Giant Robo The Animation Episode 5.
		Gen Pro/Amuse Video/Plex/Atlantis, 1994.
		Amuse Video/Bandai Visual. UPC 4 934569 201386.
		48 min: CAV/2. Chapters, TOC.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo. Digital: Stereo. Japanese.
		Made in Japan.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	BEAL-657-A01-P		3600G921
		Side 2:	BEAL-657-B01-P		3488G921

NOTE:	Episode has additional title "Shinjitsu no Bashtarle! ~Sugisarishi, Shounen no Ano Hibi…~"
		(The Truth of Bashtarle! — Those Long-gone Days of Youth).

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