Super-Deformed Double Feature Omake

Super-Deformed Double Feature is not an anime. It is a title attached by AnimEigo to their subtitled release of two ARTMIC parody anime, Ten Little Gall Force and Scramble Wars, on one VHS cassette.

As per their usual practice, AnimEigo prepared a nice set of English-language liner notes for this release. Since the tape went out of print rather early on, and their Web site has had no mention of this release on it in years, these notes are hard to find. Now, through painstaking research, they are available from CALDC.COM for the enjoyment and enlightenment of owners of these discs, or anyone else who might be interested.

Do note that there was at least one video clip on AnimEigo's tape, of a visit to the ARTMIC animation studio, which does not appear on the Japanese LaserDisc release of either title, but is described in these liner notes.

AnimEigo Liner Notes

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