PILA-1262A	El-Hazard The Magnificent World Volume 2.
		EPISODES: The Second Night "The World Of Beautiful Girls" & The Third Night "The World Of Hot Springs".
		AIC/Pioneer LDC, 1995. English Version: Pioneer Entertainment (USA).
		Pioneer Entertainment (USA), 1995. UPC 0 13023-4585-6 7. Green label.
		57 min: CAV/2. Chapters, TOC. English Closed Captions.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo Japanese. Digital: Stereo English.
		Made in USA by Pioneer.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	54-715A1-01		I0100568
			54-715A1-04		B2080040
		Side 2: 54-715B1-02		B2080361, I0100568

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Closed-Caption Transcript

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Side 1
  2. Opening Theme
  3. A Young Girl's Seduction
  4. Lovers Exposed!
  5. To the Sacred Mt. Muldoon
  6. Ura, the Living Armour Cat of Makoto
  7. Jinnai's Tactics
  8. Galus' True Colors
  9. Makoto, Alielle and Mr. Fujisawa Depart!
  10. Nanami Works Hard!?
  11. Reunion of Destiny: Jinnai vs. Makoto, the Battle on Mt. Muldoon
  12. Shayla-Shayla Attacks!
  13. The Citadel of the Priestesses
  14. Ending Theme
  15. Preview of next episode: The Third Night "The World of Hot Springs"
  16. Side 2
  17. To the Spring of Arliman!
  18. Opening Theme
  19. Never-ending Desert
  20. Miz Mishtal Takes a Bath
  21. The Arrival of Mr. Fujisawa, the Hero!?
  22. Jinnai's Ace in the Hole: The Demon God Ifurita
  23. The World of Hot Springs
  24. Oh, Lunch Girl, Over Here! — Reunion with Nanami
  25. Shayla's Anger
  26. The Bugrom Set Sail! En route to the Forbidden Island
  27. Ending Theme
  28. Preview of Next Episode: The Fourth Night "The World of the Demon God"

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