PILA-1172A	Kishin Corps Volume 2.
		EPISODES: "Surprise Attack! Battle of the Island Fortress" & "'The Battle' Operation Runaway Train".
		AIC/Pioneer LDC, 1993. English Version: Pioneer LDCA.
		Pioneer LDCA, 1994. UPC 0 13023-4109-7 8. Blue label.
		60 min: CAV/2. Chapters, TOC. English Closed Captions.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo Japanese. Digital: Stereo English.
		Made in USA by Pioneer.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	54-140A1-01		I3100509
		Side 2:	54-140B1-02		I3100015

Package Details

Cover Photographs [Front and Back]

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Side A
  2. Episode 2 Prologue (credits)
  3. Fortress Island
  4. Inside Kishin Dragon
  5. The Girl in the Swiss Alps
  6. Fujishima and Eva
  7. Daisaku and Taishi
  8. On Board the Fugaku
  9. Begin Module Experiment
  10. Kishin Wind, Attack!
  11. Kishin Dragon Transforms
  12. Module Recovered! Attack on Fortress island
  13. After the Battle
  14. Side B
  15. Taishi, the Stowaway
  16. Mistakes
  17. The Kishin Corps members
  18. Bareiho, the Prisoner
  19. Go, Kishin Express!
  20. Kanto Train vs. Kishin Express
  21. The Nazi Trap
  22. Go for the Railway Junction!
  23. The Chase
  24. Kishin Thunder vs. Module Body
  25. A New Member
  26. Episode 3 Ending Credits

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