JVLA 58019	Geobreeders [File-X] "Get Back The Kitty" act.2.
		OMAKE: TV spot.
		Akahiro Ito/Shonen Gaho-sha/JVC, 1998.
		30 minutes: CAV/1. Chapters, TOC.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo. Digital: Stereo. Japanese.

		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	JVLA58019-A07-K		7L30031
		Dead:	DD-5-B87-K		7K300039

NOTE:	Frames assigned at video [30fps] rather than source film [24fps] rate.

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Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Avant Title ~ Chibi Neko Goudatsu [Catnapping]
  2. Opening "Rising Soul"
  3. Higai Houkoku [Damage Report]
  4. Go-fudatsui [Paper Charm] Cult [I am not perfectly certain of the signification of コルト — ed.]
  5. Koen [Public Park] Date
  6. Teppeki no Yousai (Emu) [The Iron-walled Fortress (Laugh)]
  7. Chibi Neko Tousou [Kitty Flees]
  8. Sakhalin-go Sousaku [Searching the Warship SAKHALIN]
  9. Sakujitsu no Onna [The Woman from Yesterday]
  10. Kuruma wa Oyogenai [The Car Cannot Swim]
  11. Sekkinsen [Infighting]
  12. Renzoku Bakuha [Constant Detonation]
  13. Sakhalin Shinchuu [The SAKHALIN's True Purpose]
  14. Baka ga Gyousen de Yattekuru [The Idiot Arrives in a Fishing Boat]
  15. Hyper na Muteppou [Hyper-Imprudence]
  16. Time Out
  17. Otoko wa Damatte Jiki wo Matsu [A Man Waits a While Silently]
  18. Ikiteru ka? [Are You Alive?]
  19. Ending "Dynamite Mambo"
  20. Omake

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