ID8583CT	Project A-ko.
		OMAKE: Original Japanese and French theatrical trailers.
		Soeishinsha/Final-Nishijima, 1986. English Version: Central Park Media.
		Central Park Media/Image Entertainment, 1992. UPC 0 14381-8583-6 5.
		84 min: CLV/2. Chapters, TOC. English Subtitles.
		Audio: Analog: CX Dolby Surround. Digital: Dolby Surround. Japanese.
		Made in Japan.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1:	ID8583CT  A 01		A20I3259
		Side 2:	ID8583CT  B 03		B20I0213

NOTE:	Picture matted to 5:3, as with theatrical release, and shoved to top of screen to accomodate Subtitles below.
		Termed "Mangarama™", this is the only use of this technique known to me.

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