CTV24-109	Kimagure Orange Road CDV 2.
		Matsumoto Izumi/Shuueisha/NTV/Toho, 1988.
		TOEMI Video, 1988. Red/black silkscreening over yellow plastic.
		12cm CDV Single: 20 min Audio Part, 5 min Video Part. Chapters, TOC.
		Audio: Digital: Stereo Japanese.
		Made in Japan by Toshiba-EMI.
		Stamper Numbers:
		CTV24-109  P04-V

Package Details

Cover Photographs [Front and Back]

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Audio Part
  2. Kagami no Naka no Actress
  3. Kanashii Heart wa Moeteiru
  4. Dance in the Memories
  5. Salvia no Hano no you ni
  6. Furimuite My Darling
  7. Video Part
  8. Kagami no Naka no Actress
  9. Kanashii Heart wa Moeteiru
  10. Dance in the Memories
  11. Eye Catch! (Type 2)

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