BVLL-523	Akachan to Boku 1.
		EPISODES: Episode 1 "Nakimushi wa Kirai da!!", Episode 2 "Mamatan te Iranai!!".
		Hakusensha/TV Tokyo/Studio Pierrot.
		Youmex/Bandai Visual, 1996. UPC 4 934569 400246. ISBN 4-89457-011-4.
		55 min: CLV/1. Chapters, TOC.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo. Digital: Stereo. Japanese.
		Made in Japan.
		Stamper Numbers:
		Side 1:	IFPI L154 BVLL-523 S 2M TO
		Dead:	IFPI L154 DD-0003 2M TO

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Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Opening
  2. Daiichiwa "Nakimushi wa Kirai da!!" [Episode 1 "I Hate Crybabies!!"]
  3. Eyecatch ~ B Part
  4. Ending
  5. Yokoku [Preview]
  6. Opening
  7. Dainiwa "Mamatan te Iranai!!" [Episode 2 "You're Not My Momma!!"]
  8. Eyecatch ~ B Part
  9. Ending
  10. Yokoku
  11. Jikai Yokoku [Previews of Subsequent Episodes]

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