BEAL-207	Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster Volume 1.
		EPISODES: #1 "SHOCK! Watashi to Oneesama ga Pilot!?" & #2 "Futeki! Tensai Shoujo no Chousen!!".
		OMAKE: Two "Science Lecture" skits.
		Bandai/Victor/Gainax, 1988.
		Bandai Emotion. UPC T4902 425 22031 4.
		60 min: CAV/2. Chapters.
		Audio: Analog CX Stereo Japanese.
		Made in Japan.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side 1: BEAL-207-A10-P		106019A4
		Side 2: BEAL-207-B08-P		105720A4

NOTE:		Frames assigned at video [30fps] rather than source film [24fps] rate.
		Both sides carry an unrelated Bandai advertisment near the 15min point.
		Side 2 label states in English, "2nd Episode 'CHALLENGE OF A GENIUS GIRL'".
		Contrary to labelling, both sides begin with a Prologue in Chapter 0.

Package Details

Cover Photographs [Front and Back]

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Side 1
  2. Dai-1-wa [Episode 1] Opening
  3. Dai-1-wa A Part
  4. Dai-1-wa B Part
  5. Dai-1-wa Ending
  6. Kagaku Kouza Dai-1-kai [Science Class, Session 1]
  8. Side 2
  9. Dai-2-wa Opening
  10. Dai-2-wa A Part
  11. Dai-2-wa B Part
  12. Dai-2-wa Ending
  13. Kagaku Kouza Dai-2-kai
  14. Dai-3,4-wa Yokokuhen [Preview of Episodes 3 and 4]

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