AD099-032	Kimagure Orange Road TV Volumes 7—12.
		OMAKE: Unsubtitled credit sequences.
		Toho/Syudio Pierrot, 1987. English version: AnimEigo.
		Animeigo, 1999. UPC 7 37187 00300 4. ISBN 1-56567-204-6.
		600 min: CLV/12. Chapters, TOC. English Subtitles.
		Audio: Analog: CX Mono. Digital: Mono. Japanese.
		Made in USA by Pioneer.
		Stamper Numbers:		Serial Numbers:
		Side  1:	56-390A1-002	195D0240, 195D0678, 195D0470, 195D0170, 195D0476
		Side  2:	56-390B1-001	195D0461, 195D0692, 195D1096, 195D0369, 195D1102
		Side  3:	56-391A1-002	195D0501, 195D0513, 195D0669, 195D0186, 195D0672
		Side  4:	56-391B1-002	205D0078, 205D0090, 205D0246, 205D0940, 205D0252
		Side  5:	56-392A1-001	195D0256, 195D0157, 159D0213, 159D0107, 159D0211
		Side  6:	56-392B1-001	205D0963, 205D0910, 159D0189, 159D0179, 159D0187
		Side  7:	56-393A1-001	205D0363, 205D0717, 205D0891, 205D1155, 205D0889
		Side  8:	56-393B1-001	205D1151, 205D0687, 205D0895, 205D0342, 205D0901
		Side  9:	56-394A1-002	205D0804, 205D1193, 205D0231, 205D0523, 205D0237
		Side 10:	56-394B1-001	205D0305, 205D0998, 205D1316, 205D0729, 205D1314
		Side 11:	56-395A1-001	205D1191, 205D0805, 169D0032, 169D0034, 169D0273
		Side 12:	56-395B1-001	205D0106, 205D0456, 169D0226, 169D0228, 169D0286

NOTE:		Observed with and without labels for Volumes 9 [AD099-032-9, eps. 33—36] and 12 [AD099-032-12, eps. 45—48] interchanged.
		Some copies include a printed notice to this effect.

Package Details

Cover Photographs [Front and Back]

Extended Episode Listing

  1. Dangerous Autosuggestion — Kyosuke's Metamorphosis
  2. Kyosuke's Become a Kid! Getting Super Close to Madoka
  3. Marked Woman Madoka! Kyosuke, Proving He's a Man
  4. Dangerous Decision! Manami-chan's Big Adventure
  1. Don't Cry Jingoro! The Heat of Young Love
  2. A Tender Little Story! Kurumi's First Love — Chapter "Hell"
  3. Madoka & Yuusaku! The Marching Song of Runaway Youths
  4. Will My Birthday Come Twice? Time-Runner Kyosuke
  1. Mystical Madoka! The Mushrooms of 120% Truthfulness
  2. Roots Panic! Madoka in the Mysterious Homeland
  3. Perverted with a Camera! Robot Kyo-chan
  4. Adios Kyosuke! Paranomal Powers Caught on Video!
  1. Heroic Orange Legend! Madoka's Duel in the Blizzard
  2. Kyosuke Timetrips! The Third Christmas
  3. Hypnotizing Madoka! Kyosuke's Risky New Year's
  4. First Dream of the New Year! Jingoro the Giant Monster Strikes Back!
  1. Immobilized Madoka! Kyosuke's Mysterious Watch
  2. Such a Popular Madoka! Kyosuke Finally Reveals His Feelings
  3. Heartbroken Hikaru! Follow Her to the Winter Beach
  4. The Taste of Love? Kyosuke's Hellish Valentine
  1. Hikaru Passes Away; And Then There Were None
  2. One Snow-White Night! Two, Alone Inside a Gondola
  3. A Presentiment of Farewells. Locate Madoka's First Love
  4. I Found Love — And, Repeat From Beginning

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