AD098-031	Kimagure Orange Road TV Volumes 1—6.
		Toho/Studio Pierrot, 1987. English Version: AnimEigo.
		AnimEigo, 1998. UPC 7 37187 00299 1. ISBN 1-56567-203-8.
		600 min: CLV/12. Chapters, TOC. English Subtitles.
		Audio: Analog: CX Mono. Digital: Mono. Japanese.
		Stamper Numbers:			Serial Numbers:
		Side  1:	AD098031-1 A 70 M	A81A00516, A81A01041, A81A00285, A81A00278, A81A00732, A81A00863, A81A00710
		Side  2:	AD098031-1 B 70 M	B81A00515, B81A01036, B81A00285, B81A00278, B81A00726, B81A00859, B81A00704
		Side  3:	AD098031-2 A 70 M	A81A00040, A81A00139, A81A00976, A81A00650, A81A00166, A81A00961, A81A00952
		Side  4:	AD098031-2 B 70 M	B81A00038, B81A00136, B81A00979, B81A00944, B81A00964, B81A00162, B81A00651
		Side  5:	AD098031-3 A 70 M	A81A00476, A81A01662, A81A00984
		Side  6:	AD098031-3 B 71 M	B81A00015, B81A01206, B81A00523
		Side  7:	AD098031-4 A 70 M	A81A00988, A81A01136, A81A00221
		Side  8:	AD098031-4 B 70 M	B81A00983, B81A01132, B81A00222
		Side  9:	AD098031-5 A 70 M	A81A01191, A81A01286, A81A00830
		Side 10:	AD098031-5 B 70 M	B81A01188, B81A01281, B81A00823
		Side 11:	AD098031-6 A 70 M	A81A02293, A81A02011, A81A01727
		Side 12:	AD098031-6 B 70 M	B81A02290, B81A02011, B81A01731

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Extended Episode Listing

  1. A Transfer Student! 'Tis embarrasing to say, but I'll fall in love for the first time
  2. A Little Lemony Kiss For Her
  3. Feelings Stirred — The Rolling First-Date
  4. Hikaru?! A Sensational "C-Experience"
  1. A Secret for Two — A Problematic Part-Time Job
  2. That Kid's My Rival — Midterm Exam of Love
  3. Madoka's Private Life?! A Spark-Colored Kiss
  4. You're Smiling! A "Shutter-Chance" at the Beach
  1. Kurumi, I'll Teach You How To Date
  2. A Foreboding Dream?! Hikaru is Dying
  3. Don't Ring The Wedding Bell!
  4. Study Abroad in America. Good-bye, Madoka!
  1. Everyone's Looking! Hikaru's Super Transformation
  2. A Foreboding Dream! Madoka and Kyosuke, Breaking Up at Last!
  3. Madoka's Ultimate Decision! Putting a Period to the Love Triangle
  4. Do You or Do You Not Believe It? Madoka Saw A UFO
  1. A Summer Seduction! An Out-of-the-Blue Double Date
  2. Madoka's Challenge! A Haunted Beach's Big Wave Legend
  3. An Experience For Two! An Island of Forbidden Love
  4. Hikaru Witnesses! The Camp is Full of Dangers
  1. Kyosuke Thrown into a Pinch! Sweet Soft Nothings at the Wuthering Heights
  2. An Adult Relationship?! Madoka Secretly Returns Home in the Morning
  3. Kyosuke and Madoka in a Big Fight! A Three-Legged Race of Love
  4. Intoducing Kazuya! Be Very Careful around the "Panic Kid"

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