AD096-005	A. D. Police Files Volume 2.
		EPISODE: File 3, "The Man Who Bites His Tongue".
		OMAKE: Original Lou Bonnevie AD Police and Bubblegum Crisis Music Videos.
		Artmic/Bandai Visual/Youmex, 1990. English Version: AnimEigo.
		AnimEigo, 1996. UPC 7 37187 00197 0.  ISBN 1-56567-196-1.
		81 min: CAV/CLV. Chapters, TOC. English Subtitles, side 2.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo. Digital: Stereo. English, side 1; Japanese, side 2.
		Made in USA by 3M.
		Stamper Numbers:
		Side 1:	10891B
		Side 2:	10892A

Package Details

Cover Photographs [Front and Back]

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Sides 1 & 2
  2. The Man Who Bites His Tongue(Prologue)
  3. Opening Credits
  4. The Man Who Bites His Tongue
  5. Ending Credits: Cry Cry Cry
  6. Side 2 Only
  7. Mega Tokyo Mix: HeartBreaker
  8. Mega Tokyo Mix: What A Fool I Am
  9. Mega Tokyo Mix: Rockin' The Beat
  10. Original Release "Coming Attractions"
  11. ADPolice Mix: Love Me Tonight
  12. ADPolice Mix: I Need Your Love
  13. ADPolice Mix: I'm Every Girl

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