30L6-8018	Patlabor: The Mobile Police Volume 6½ "Kawaraban".
		Warner-Pioneer, 1988. UPC 4 988014 780186.
		20 minutes: CLV/1 20cm LD-Single.
		Audio: Analog: CX Stereo Japanese.
		Made in Japan.
		Stamper Number:

NOTE:	Combination of live-action and animated clips.
	Described on jacket as a "Collector's Item".

Package Details

Extended Chapter Listing

  1. Avant Title
  2. CG Patlabor
  3. Eikou no Tokushatai [The Glorious Special Mobile Squad]
  4. Patlabor Kou-Play & Chin-Play [I am unable satisfactorily to translate this ; the two kanji mean, respectively, "like" or "good" and "rare" or "strange" — ed.]
  5. Oshii Mamoru no Sumidagawa Rokehan Report [Oshii Mamoru's River Sumida Location-Hunting Report]
  6. Namida no Hunger Doll [End Credits]

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